FedEx Corporation connects its Customers and Suppliers electronically.

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FedEx Corporation began as an express air delivery company in 1973, it has successfully transformed itself into an integrated transportation and logistics service provider. A major part of FedEx Corporation success is directly attributed to its committed use of Electronic Commerce. Electronic Commerce has not only facilitated its business processes like operations, customer service, and employee training but also integrated its information network with that of its clients to provide them with seamless logistic and supply chain solutions. This case study traces the evolution of FedEx's Electronic Commerce.

"This top-tier recognition strongly reaffirms the ease, convenience and value FedEx e-services provide to global customers, FedEx leads the industry in developing valuable interactive services that help customers access, manage and secure transportation services. We are proud of the team of professionals that continues to develop the innovative technologies that enhance the customer experience on " Laurie A. Tucker, Senior Vice President of Global Product Marketing at FedEx

1. Introduction

This case study report aims at illustrating, analysing and explaining a global transportation and logistics enterprise FedEx Corporation ("FedEx") and looks at how Electronic Commerce can help FedEx to make improvements in competitiveness. In a first step by definitions the company and identifying the organization's E-Commerce tools and its strategy, in second step is applying PESTLE Analysis, Michael Porter's Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis to evaluating E-Commerce strategy for FedEx and potential improvements to the business, the third step is understanding / explanation of relationship of E-Commerce to improvements, especially focus on Shipping Solutions and E-Procurement, and in a last step by summarise of the organisation's effectiveness of E-Commerce Strategy.

The remainder of this report is structured as follows:

Section 1: Introduction: introduce the case study report and describe the structure of the study/report.

Section 2: Description of Organisation:...