Feelings and emotions in Haruki Murakami's Airplane

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Name: Solanki Megha

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Damini Pant

Feelings and emotions in Haruki Murakami's Airplane

There are a multitude of emotions, thoughts and feelings that are detected in Haruki Murakami's Airplane. The emotions in the short story range from pain and confusion to almost love and thoughtfulness. These emotions are faced by both the characters in the story. They seemingly revolve around the thoughts of the male character. The confusion that seems to be there is not just from the male character but the female character too. A question that arises in the male character's thought is "why the hell are you sleeping with me?" it shows not only confusion but anger too. The female character seems to reassure herself by saying that there's nothing wrong at home. The simple statement 'I think I'm happy' shows her confused thoughts.

The male character's thoughts about being in love with her lack conviction. He is often questioning himself about it.

There is a feeling of pain too that seems to exist in the story. The female character's crying regularly and then making love after she stopped crying. The initiation of love making by her after crying seems to show that it is her way of dealing with the pain. The pain that's there maybe it's because of her lack of communication with her husband as he is not with her for long periods of time or maybe it's because she feels guilty of having an affair or it's something else. There also seems to be pain felt by the male character though it's not felt that much. His question of why is she sleeping with him does show a hint of pain.

The feeling of almost love for the female...