How It Feels to be Angry Me

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Nesha Jackson

Professor Varlack

English 102


How it Feels to Be Angry Me

Quiet at first impression, others who do not know me think I am sweet, nice and kind. Little do they know, I was and still am angry. I was so angry to the point where there was no limitations on the hurtful words that came out my mouth towards others. The phrase, "Think before you speak", flew right out the window the day I had realized I was an angry soul. When I say angry soul, I meant everything and everyone angered me. The littlest things could have sent me into a rampage of anger and I do not have the slightest idea why. Almost as if I had become a savage animal raging inside a cage to get out and rip everyone limb from limb. I remember certain confrontations that has opened my eyes and everyone's eyes to how dark my heart had become because of years of suppressed anger.

Throughout my younger years of life my parents suffered through a nasty divorce. A divorce can put a strain on any child's happiness, let alone what it did to myself. The divorce as a whole wasn't why I became angry. I observed the anger and bitter behavior that my father would show my mother for no reason at all and I began to soak it in like a sponge. I wondered if my father's influence had anything to do with how angry I had become. When my father becomes angry I can almost see myself within him. My father's angry explosions was like taking a glimpse into the future. The pulsing rage in his eyes dark with the lust of hurting those close to him, was one of the scariest, yet thrilling experiences of...