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I have chosen "Fiddler on the Roof" as a musical theatre piece to view. This particular piece that I am viewing is a film, which was adapted from the extremely successful stage production. This film is in English, but at some points it is still difficult to understand certain things that are said, especially how they pronounce ones name because of the Jewish accents. This piece is adapted from a stage play done by Joseph Stein. The music was by Jerry Bock. The lyrics were done by Sheldon Harnick. This musical open in 1965 and was turned into a film in 1971. "Fiddler on the Roof" was based on Sholom Aleichem's stories.

The film is produced and directed by Norman Jewison. The choreography was done by Jerome Robbins. This piece was produced on the New York stage by Harold Prince. This was adapted for the screen by Tom Abbott.

The Characters in the film are Tevye (played by Topol) is the main character in this film. He is a poor milk man that turns to god for answers and has five unwed daughters. Golde (played by Norma Crane) is Tevye's stubborn wife. Motel (played by Leonard Frey) is a poor hard working tailor. Yente (played by Molly Picon) is the village's matchmaker. Lazar Wolf (played by Paul Mann) is a lonely butcher looking for a wife. Tzeitel (played by Rosalind Harris) Tevye's daughter that is in love with Motel. Hodel (played by Michelle Marsh) another one of Tevye's daughter that falls in love with Perchik. Chava (played by Neva Small) the third oldest daughter of Tevye that fall in love with Fyedka (played by Raymond Lovelock). Perchik (played by Michael Glaser) is an educated man is educating Tevye's two young daughters and falls in love with...