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An evaluation on two dancers in dance performance class(advanced dance) also explains echniques used in a dance class.

these patterns was how hard they tried, their level of concentration, and how much the modified the choreography to add style.Elizabeth: Her level of concentration across the floor is equal to one who ... ria's concentration sets in at the start of the across-the-floor patterns. She plays a lot with the choreography. She adds a lot of her own style to what she is taught as opposed to going through the ...

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"Romeo and Juliet" -a compare/contrast essay comparing the balcony scenes in the movie productions of Baz Luhrman and Franco Zeffirelli

t Juliet overacted and threw careless energy into the scene. She seemed very tense and fidgety. The choreography of this movie provided liveliness and bounce like I have never seen before. Juliet pran ... gure out her strategy of acting out this scene, and that is what made her performance so great. The choreography in this scene was much different in comparison to the Zeffirelli scene, even without th ...

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"The Sound of Music".

h the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. The music was arranged and conducted by Irwin Kostal with the choreography by Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Wood.Filming of The Sound of Music began in 1964, in and aro ...

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Pick a well-known choreographer, who owns his/her own dance company. Attend a performance by this person and create a thesis involving techniques they used.

Stacey PrintzImagine the excitement of outstanding choreography, virtuosi dancers, and even live chamber musicians coming together to put on an extraor ... ancers to perform her works, as she tries to make difficult movements seem effortless."Ms. Printz's choreography not only combines a plethora of different dance forms, but it also manages to easily re ... of seeing modern dance for fear that it will be too weird, or it will not make sense, but Printz's choreography uses stunning movement and offers straightforward but complex ideas to communicate to t ...

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This essay is a critique of a performance entitled 'Eat it up' performed by the up and coming Australian dance company called Steps.

y well; even removing the wings so that the whole stage could be utilised. This allowed the opening choreography, which introduced to the netherworld and noir theme, to be particularly effective. We w ... s and trying to fight the inevitable chaos ensuing on their calm, yet fictitious world. Having busy choreography helped to create energy onstage, as well as confusion, which once again reflected the t ...

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Fiddler On the Roof This is a musical paper on the movie

of" was based on Sholom Aleichem's stories.The film is produced and directed by Norman Jewison. The choreography was done by Jerome Robbins. This piece was produced on the New York stage by Harold Pri ...

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Dance essay writing technique when comparing two pieces of choreography

ontext did they create the work?Describe the action you are looking at?What is the intention of the choreography... to update a story, tell a story or show a gender issue?- Components- Body actions- S ... are and Contrast 2 different choreographersResearch into contextAnalysis of body functionContent of choreographyHow do they work together?What is it about?o How does it make you feel?o ...

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"Missing You"

d me, and each person had a story to tell. We agreed with wonderment how it was quite amazing, this choreography of life. The cars themselves were moving capsules containing stories.Maybe in that poli ...

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Creativity and Me: The Creativity in Dance

‘produced through imaginative skill’ (Marcia L. Lloyd, 2005). I believe that through the choreography and dancing of a routine, an individual is induced to be creative as they have to imagi ... letely opposite things might give a stunning effect. This revelation can be applied when I am doing choreography as I will be bolder to try radical ideas and not just stick to norms that has been trie ...

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nd then there were those that made me feel sad. All these things made an excellent performance! The choreography was superb. The plot of the play was outstanding and they never missed a part from the ...

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Dance Production

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diences eye while the lighting on the others sections dimmed.Another amazing aspect of the play was choreography. There were no seconds in which you waited for anything; there was always something gra ...

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The Nutracker Review

from its original essence of Llyich Tchaikovsky and choreographed by Lev Ivanov after the original choreography of Marcus Petipa. The recital was presented by the Dance Peninsula Center and at the sa ... quisite costumes, elaborate backdrops, visually enhancing lights with the marvelous and captivating choreography, it made this presentation of The Nutcracker brilliant and overall breathtaking and unf ...

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The Globalized World

rary company Chunky Move came together to create the contemporary piece "Hydra." The story line and choreography were based off of and inspired by an ancient Greek myth about water goddesses who lured ... f this performance are very important in the telling of the story. Obarzenek, as well as his clever choreography, has also used a number of sets and lighting to get the story line across to the audien ...

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