Dance essay writing technique when comparing two pieces of choreography

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Essay writing


Plan ahead


- Cover page

- Title... A comparison

- Subtitle... Comparing Swan and...

- Date

- Assignment

- Tutor (name)



Outline subject

Who I am writing about



Chorographer 1,

Who are they


In what context did they create the work?

Describe the action you are looking at?

What is the intention of the choreography... to update a story, tell a story or show a gender issue?

- Components

- Body actions

- Spatial design

- Dynamic qualities

- Relationships of the dancer

Chorographer 2, (Same as above)

Look at....

Camera used

What decisions have been made to avoid us seeing stuff?

What effect does this do?


Useful sentences.....

Where as A...has this quality.... B has....In common with A, B has.....

Finish with....

Relationships and own opinion and impressions of the piece (personal expression) and a Summary.

Compare and Contrast 2 different choreographers

Research into context

Analysis of body function

Content of choreography

How do they work together?

What is it about?

o How does it make you feel?

o Does it work? - Personal opinion. If not...why?

o References