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  • Inspirational

    You have covered all the key facts within the 3 studies, would have been even better to finish will Kolhbergs work as it used freud etc as a basis and his work has shown the most influence.
    • 29/02/2004
    • 04:49:42
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  • Backpack..

    Wow, i have never seen a definition paper before and this is a very interesting way of protraying creative writing... especially if the topic is as random as backpack! well done, descriptive and flows easy.
    • 29/02/2004
    • 04:46:14
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  • Nothing left for me to do..but..DANCE!

    As a dancer myself, your descriptive wordswere an inspiration for the way a dancer really thinks. Usually this is hard to portray because the expression is not through wordsbut through the dance itself. well done!An inspirational piece to dancers. :)
    • 29/02/2004
    • 04:39:02
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