Field sports or blood sports? Which title does fox hunting deserve.

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Field or country sports , for some people field sport means cruelty and barbarian, for other people the enjoy of their life. Field sport has a bad and good sides as people say but does killing for fun is a good way of behaving? I will give you the different ways of thinking that will led you to the conclusion that fox hunting is cruel and a sport without any sence, culture or any elegance . I am going to give you the different points of view, the hunter saboteurs, and the hunters point of view.

A great problem to farmers or any business that has to be with any field or outside the country with animal, for example the chicken for eating , sheep keeping , or even cows for milk have a great problem that are called " foxes " the kill the chickens and their eggs , the foxes eat or hurt the sheeps and cows, but is this a really good reason to kill thousands of foxes for fun?

The hunters said that killing foxes is a very good way to control the reproduction of this "useless animal that only make disasters for human being ".

killing the foxes with their dogs is a fast and a good way for the foxes to be killed " if we don´t kill them the farmers will" they say that foxes do not feel anything when they are killed because the dogs are strong and fast, but is this really true? Why do the dogs really kill with such argue ? Do the foxes really not feel anything?

The hunt saboteurs have investigated a lot and they say and can prove that fox hunting does not help the fox control for farmers or any other cases. Experts have prove...