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Essay by vampire-chick May 2004

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My favorite play station two game

I think my favorite play station two game would be Final Fantasy VII (8). That game is the bomb! I love that game.

This is what the back of the game says. It is like a review of the game. "A member of an elite team, Squall (the main character) is forced into a conflict beyond imagination. To survive, he must contend with a desperate rival, a powerful sorceress, and his own mysterious dreams."

Basically it is a love story. Well kind of not really. Let me explain what it is all about. The is four discs long. That means that there is four different discs for the whole game.

The game is pretty difficult. But is really a cool game. Now let me explain what happens and all that.

The is about Squall who the main character. He is some what of a loner.

She does not trust any one. And this makes him seem selfish and it makes him seem like he doesn't care about any one. Which is a shame because he is a total hotty.

But like I was saying. He has a lot of reasons to be like this. Because when he was a baby his mom died giving birth to him. So his dad gave him away to an orphanage. Well at this orphanage he meets this girl who he begins to call big sis. And when she goes away he starts to feel like he can't depend on any one any more. Because he feels what's point of caring about some one if you know in the end that they are just going to go away. Did I mention he is probably around five at this time.

Well any ways. There is this thing called GARDEN where...