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Michelangelo Creative Essay. A letter to Michelangelo from another artist

titude that I send this letter to you. I would, first off, like to immensely thank you for praising my works at the Florence Babtistery. I would like to especially thank you for coining the name "Gate ... I admire what you have done at the Sistine Chapel. I am not just saying this because you applauded my works. It is with utmost sincerity that I say this to you. I believe that Pope Julius made the be ...

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Go Speedracer Go

atched, and I had most of the shows memorized by the time it was canceled. When cancellation struck my favorite television show my world was turned asunder. Sure I could watch the reruns of all the ol ... omething new to experience. That new experience came to me one day as I was surfing the channels on my TV and I happened on Speed Racer, a cartoon which had been in reruns for years, but was brand new ...

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Seinfeld It was a warm September Thursday night in 1991. I was engaged in my favorite past time of 'channel surfing' when a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Displayed ... light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Displayed on my favorite, '20 inch friend', (also known as my usual Saturday night date), appeared a remarkable treasure. There before my eyes was a sitcom cal ... m called Seinfeld. From that moment on I was astounded to find that not even great sitcom's such as my beloved Mash and I Love Lucy were as captivating or enthralling. There is only one show that coul ...

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My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Chinese Super Ninja. The movie has characters who combine fighting with a lot ... wn for using the Chinese Finger Jab, Eagle Claw, and the Iron Fist Style.Chinese Super Ninja is my favorite because of the skill of the Martial Arts and knowing the different clans and their fight ...

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Between Friends

- -Looking around my living room, I see my greatest friends of mylife are all around me on my book shelves. Every book ... of mylife are all around me on my book shelves. Every book I lift offthe shelf pinpoints a time in my life. They represent all the joy,sorrow, and laughter felt in my life. The large, shiny red poetr ... ife. The large, shiny red poetrybook my father read to me reminds me of all of these. It isprobably my favorite. Then I recall my people friends thatattended school with me through the years. What gre ...

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The main reason I chose the word rage is because o of my favorite musical groups is named Rage against the machine. In searching this word I decided to fi ... succeeds over all. Even though it's wrong there not willing to let them know their wrong (weak).In my own word I thought that rage means unexpressed anger towards that which causes your anger. My own ... s your anger. My own agree is caused by the little things, like when I have a hang nail or a cut in my mouth. The pain is excruciating, But I can't reflect the pain back because it is on myself. I for ...

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My Experience with English Education

        English has never been my favorite subject. In fact, it has always been my least favorite subject. Going through school, ... Well, no and yes.        No, English is not a dreadful thing to learn. I suppose my dislike for the subject has become greater through the eighteen some years that I have been learn ... onents of the English language. It wasn't actually learning how to speak English that bothered me, my dislike for English began to form when I began getting English education in a formal learning env ...

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My College Plan. A personal experience

llege that I would ever consideringgoing to, I love this college with a deep passion. They have my favorite basketball teamand the also represent Kentucky (The state in which I was born.)....   When I was asked the question what I wanted to be when I grow up I really didn'tknow, until my Sophomore year of high school. It wasn't till then when I decided that Iwanted to be a journa ...

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Who is your favorite artist?A short summary of my favorite artist Leonardo DaVinchi.

For my favorite artist I chose Leonardo DaVinchi. He is the best artist in my eyes but other people thin ... He is the best artist in my eyes but other people think that there is better now, but I saw better. My favorite Mona Lisa, why because it looks like a work of art no dout about it. But the one he drew ... 12 Apoclesos the thing I hate it is all crack. They should restore it if they have not yet. One of my other favorite is The Second Giaconda. I just want to see all his works of arts but that would ne ...

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The Red Wheel Barrow by William Carlos Williams

William Carlos WilliamsMy favorite poem happens to be The Red Wheel Barrow by William Carlos Williams. It is one my favorit ... has a lot to talk about like its structure, imagery, style, and other important things. It is also my favorite because when I was researching for this project they said that many people tried to rewo ...

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"Dating in the rainy evening " - short life story

gIt was Wednesday evening, six p.m. I had just come back from college. As usual for me, I turned on my computer and pushed the connection button. "Connection, please wait while authorizing," my comput ... authorizing," my computer answered me as always. Finally, I was on-line. "I will see him again! Oh, my God, I am so excited," I was thinking while my favorite "Internet Relay Chat" program was loading ...

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JealousyMy face turns green with envy as I sit on the other line of the phone, listening to my boyfriend tal ... about hanging out with his "new friends". Jealousy has never been a problem for me, but as soon as my boyfriend, Zac, went to college, all I ever get is jealous.Whenever he calls I dread the conversa ... l jealous that I am not there sharing it with him. Any new person he bring up quickly becomes an enemy to me, for they have the privilege of being with the person who is rightfully mine.I'm like a you ...

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Life used to be good.I would jump out of bed every morning, fresh as a lark. I would bike to my neighborhood elementary school, playing with my classmates, laughing, joking, making new friends. ... ying with my classmates, laughing, joking, making new friends.I would reach home around 3pm, finish my homework, play my favorite games on my computer, doing everything I could possibly desire in life ...

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The Sports Fan.

As an avid sports fan, there is nothing more exciting than going to a sporting event of my favorite team. To be surrounded by other sports fans who are rooting for the same team as you bri ...

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Michael J Fox.

.... Who in the world is she talking about? Well this person is Michael J Fox, a terrific actor and my favorite one. Purpose Statement: Today I would like to inform you about Michael successive life. ... headed by two former hippie parents. The show was a hit around the world and Fox would win three Emmy Awards for his role. It was also during Family Ties that he met and married his wife Tracy Pollen ...

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X-Men: The Comic VS. The Movie Comparison Contrast

I have collected comics all of my life. One of the best, if not the best, comic publishers around is Marvel, which is my favorite. ... biggest characters around such as Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, and the X-Men, which are my favorite. When I heard that the X-Men was making the transition from comic book to silver screen ... on from comic book to silver screen I could not wait. I went opening weekend and sat on the edge of my seat the entire time. Afterward, I walked away in an almost divine state. The key word is almost. ...

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Los Angeles Museum of Art Review.

Los Angeles Museum of Art ReviewEntering the museum felt a bit odd because my mother and my two younger siblings accompanied me, and they never come with me to museums. I want ... d not feel that this situation was serious. But, as I became engrossed in the paintings, along with my mother, it all started falling into place.The first of the six buildings that we saw was the Ahma ... an furniture, art, ancient art of the America's, and many arts and crafts. The furniture was one of my favorites because I found it to be simple and elegant. My favorite painting was one by Julius Ste ...

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My Favorite Web Site.

My Favorite Web SiteThere are tons of web sites on the internet today. I enjoy allot of the we ... ional websites, game websites, chat rooms, among allot of others. But I think that I will say that my favorite web site I have come across so far is one called, "". This web site is abo ...

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The Late Start.

ocery store early Sunday morning. I was there for only one reason. Football Sundays has always been my favorite event of the week. I am having some of my friends over to watch who else, but the Chicag ... food this week I assumed it would take me twice as long to go to the store. I planned ahead and set my alarm for 8:30. To my surprise I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 9:30. I then as quic ...

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Urban Culture and the economy during the Rennaisance

How did the rise of urban culture and economy which characterized the Renaissance affect (and derive from) ONE of the following aspects of the ... ual artsd. changes in societies the way they were governed.The art, especially Renaissance arts are my favorite of the four and to me was the best to read.In the arts as well as religion, sciences, so ... ckgrounds being of nature. The advances of medicine and sciences, people had more knowledge of anatomy. Through science and mathematics, painters learned how to show perspective - how to represent obj ...

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