The Red Wheel Barrow by William Carlos Williams

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William Carlos Williams

My favorite poem happens to be The Red Wheel Barrow by William Carlos Williams. It is one my favorite poems because it is one of his shortest poems, that was published in his volume of poems called Spring and All. Even though the poem is very short compared to some of his other works, it has a lot to talk about like its structure, imagery, style, and other important things. It is also my favorite because when I was researching for this project they said that many people tried to reword his poem The Red Wheel Barrow and it is impossible to make in any better or more complete so I thought that, that was really interesting.

William Carlos Williams was born on September 17, 1883 in Rutherford, New Jersey, he studied medicine and became a county doctor before he discovered his ability to write.

He earned his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and began practicing as a pediatrician in Rutherford before publishing his first Poem in 1909. William Carlos Williams studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. At the University he became friends with some famous writer nemed Ezra Pound. He started to think of his medical career as a way of supporting himself while he wrote poetry, even as he interned in New York City and started studies in Germany. Williams made Rutherford his home and practiced medicine until he retired. He was writing at night and spending weekends in New York with other writers. Williams wrote poetry that had a style like Robert Frost and like his friend Ezra Pound.

In William's work, he wanted to speak like an "American within an American context of small cities, immigrants, and workers". He wanted his line to show the rhythm...