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Jodie and Mary were conjoined twins. Mary was alive only

because she was sharing a common artery with her sister. She could not rely on her own heart and lungs and without the oxygenated blood that she was taking from Jodie, she would eventually die. The only solution was the recommended by the doctors' separation but would have as a consequence to kill Mary. The primary decision of the Judge to give the right to the doctors to go ahead with the separation was appealed by the parents. The judges of the appeal court led to the same decision but for different reasons from each other. They held their own arguments in order to justify their ruling. The main issues in this case are actually arising from their arguments.

The way that we went about the task was to analyze the judgment of every judge in order to find the main issues of the case.

In every judgment there were arguments of each judge in order to justify his decision. Except that, all the judges in their speeches gave their own explanations and opinions about the other judgments. There were many points were they used to criticize and they used arguments in order to held their opinion. What we have to do was to find these arguments, to separate them and to structure every issue with a way that would include everything that was important.

Except from the above, we had to understand what the judges were talking in their speeches. There were clauses like doctrine of "necessity", "double effect", "self-defense" that took us a lot of time in order to intrepid their meaning and to understand how they applied in our case. In order to do this we had retrace to text-books, cases, web sites and other kinds of...