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Topic: place/environment where I am perfectly content. Experience? Meaning? A good performance requires a lot of hard work prior to walking on to that stage. Practicing is the base of every show. Depending on how much determination and time one puts into it, a performance is what only you make it. When ready to perform, I become anxious and sometimes I just want to scream. I don't know what to do with myself because when I am overwhelmed with excitement, it is hard to keep it all in. When I know I am about to step foot onto that stage, I feel untouchable. Knowing how dedicated I am to rehearsals and how much work I put into a show, I know I earned my spot on stage. My pride and confidence builds up every time and nobody could take away what I have done for myself. When I am dancing, I am in another world. I am not the same person I was before I slipped on my leotard. Dancing brings out the best in me because it is when I am genuinely happy. Dancing is my stress reliever and once I start moving, I immediately feel content. Even though my movements could reflect my negative moods while I improvise, I always realize that I could only grow from my hurt. As I am in the middle of my fouetté turns, I can feel the pressure of the wind removing the stress from my body. I feel cleansed and renewed. Dance is a reminder that I should be grateful for my life. It feels so good to realize I have numerous amount of reasons to be happy. Dance brings me to realization. When I am dancing, I am not only dancing for myself, I am dancing for others.