First PERSONAL legal experience, detailing some information regarding divorce and child support.

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In some way most people will experience encounters with the law. The only question then is, how? Many people may cross the law by their own actions or gain exposure through friends or family. My experience with the law happens to come from recent events in my boyfriend's life. A recent divorce from his ex-wife with whom he has two children with, has sent us into a legal head spin. Although my name isn't on all the mailings and paperwork, I have been with him through the procedure and the hardships legal proceedings can bring. In a divorce involving children, the courts will set up custody, child support and parenting time; these cases are handled by the circuit court.

Before they were to be divorced, he (J) and his now ex-wife had to go before a Friend of the Court mediator to solve the issues involving the children. To cut costs, J agreed to an uncontested divorce.

At the meeting they had came to an agreement on custody, which the plaintiff offered half legal custody, and no physical custody to the defendant. Custody was established, and now the real fun began.

The issue of child support seemed easy to resolve after reading the guidelines of how support is determined. It is a complicated formula, which the representative from FOC calculates based on the information provided by the plaintiff and the defendant. J had to gather recent wage statements and any other information you may have regarding income and expenses. Due to my work experience and my willingness I was able to assist J with his wage statements and creating the documents he needed. During the meeting, the amount set by the referee was certainly unfair considering his salary. Later I had found out that the defendant had misrepresented herself and...