Foundations of Psychology

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Foundations of Psychology

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Informative Abstract of Psychology Foundations

The foundations of psychology according to book called, Psychology: The study of Mental Processes and Behavior, consists of numerous psychologists and their theories that have developed the layout for human mental processes over the years which has been studied and followed by many aspiring and recognized psychologists. Multiple theorists such as Wilhelm Wundt who is considered to be the father or founder of psychology, Edward Titchener, and William James who wrote the first book about psychology, developed schools of thought or perspectives on why individuals behave in certain manners when confronted with specific situations. Additionally, biological reasons of human behavior can possibly be linked to genetic factors and characteristics of the parents who may have possessed similar thought processes, which could perhaps determine why individuals think and behave in certain fashions.

Foundations of Psychology

Psychology is the basis for the emotional and thought processes of human behavior and is derived from both philosophy and biology, and is considered to have been founded in the late 1800's.

Since the initial forming of psychology there have been numerous perspectives on why humans behave in certain mental and emotional fashions. These schools of thought or perspectives include methods such as introspection, structuralism, functionalism, and theories such as the psychodynamic perspective, behaviorist aspects, cognitive outlooks, and the evolutionary perspective to name the major foundations of psychology that shall be explored for further understanding in these writings.

Scientific Methods

Psychologists have developed many methods to further understand human behaviors and investigate possible determinates of root causes. One of the earliest techniques used was that of Wilhelm Wundt's method of investigating the human conscious called introspection. This method required individuals to report thoughts and feelings that went through their mind...