Foundations of Psychology

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Foundations of Psychology

Sandra Lattin

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Foundations of Psychology

The general theory of psychology is a scientific study that all investigate of the human mind, body and over matter in several fields of psychology in order to understand and conduct observations on the mental process of the human mind and observable behavior. Psychology is often used to define the mysteries of the human behavior, such as a persons potential and possibilities different behavioral patters that observe the actions of self expression on how people feel and memory. The study of the mind is an observation a person mental awareness of both the conscious and unconscious states.

Biopsychology is a good example of the study of both the human mind and behavioral pattern during critical situations and emotions, it defines how the mind and body connect to the human psyche that can affects a person personality or adjust a person's emotional level on a constant routine due to a reflect of an tragic event or life changing situation.

Psychology has been a notable study since the age and beginning of philosophy. Philosophy created several questions the human body mind and soul, in order to gain knowledge of the general understanding of the human behavioral and free will. With the new age philosophy because the study and development of psychology, in order to explain more observations and continue researching the causes to ones mental state of mind and physical actions. Philosophy will request a question or make a statement while psychology will determine the scientific and mental process that reflects too those questions.

The philosopher Aristotle was one of the first philosophers and teacher to provide answers to questions and concerns on metaphors of psychology and...