Four parts of the brain, and their functions

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The cerebral cortex can be divided into four sections, which are known as lobes. The four lobes are the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and the temporal lobe.

1) Frontal lobe--located at the front of the brain (behind your forehead) and is associated with emotions, reasoning, planning, movement, swallowing and parts of speech. It is also involved in purposeful acts such as creativity, judgment, problem solving, and planning.

Example: crying when you are sad; painting a picture; judging right from wrong2) Parietal lobe-located in the middle section of the brain, behind the frontal lobes, above the temporal lobes, and at the top back of the brain and is associated with They are connected with the processing of nerve impulses related to the senses, such as touch, pain, taste, pressure, and temperature. They also have language functions.

Example: feeling the smooth texture of an ice cube, feeling that it is cold, and that if you hold it too long your hand may hurt3) Occipital lobe-located at the back portion of the brain and is associated with the brain's ability to recognize objects.

It is responsible for our vision.

Example: reading our textbook4) Temporal lobe--located on either side of the bottom section of the brain and just above the ears and is responsible for hearing, memory, meaning, and language. They also play a role in emotion and learning. The temporal lobes are concerned with interpreting and processing auditory (sound) and olfactory (smell) stimuli.

Example: hearing a bus coming towards you and smelling the exhaust.

Dualism is explained as our self existing as a container including our physical body and physical brain along with a separate non-physical mind, spirit, or soul. "The mind, spirit, or soul is considered the conscious part that manifests itself through the brain in a similar...