Is Freedom Really Free?

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Personally I don't think that freedom is really free for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because of freedom of choice. Sometimes the freedom of choice is violated in many ways. For example, in many households the freedom of choice is not included. You maybe saying to yourself "well that's not a big deal", but for some kids and adults it is a big deal. For example "life is not always fair" as someone once told me, and that can be true, but some kids aren't ready for these responsibilities. Many adults think their kids need to take on some responsibilities to get ready for the real world, and they do need to, but kids don't think it is fair. Adults usually don't give their children any choice in life such as chores and children usually get upset or mad and by doing this kids grow up to have bad attitudes.

Also some adults that grew up the same way that their children did, they also pressure their kids the way that they grew up. But enough about that, this is about freedom. Also, we all have to pay a price for freedom, for example the wars that we've been through, and witnessed had to do with our freedom. Soldiers had to get freedom with their lives and I respect that, such as World War II. We fought the Nazi troops for five years, and over 2,000 men had to die for our country. By this we received freedom and also gained more glory to the U.S. We also had to gain freedom with speeches such as the speech that Martin Luther King Jr. gave for the Negro's to have freedom. Freedom is always paid with either a part of someone and even their lives. War has taken its toll for everyone, and some of us today don't realize that freedom had to come with a price!