Freedom Of Speech

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I have chosen to write my paper on the freedom of speech. This right is given to us through the constitution of the United States. I believe that being able to say what I want and state my opinion on different things without being prosecuted, is a very important right that we have in America. This freedom is a part of the American government, which shows that the United States is a well developed nation and listens to all of the its citizens. There are many places around the world where people do not have any say whatsoever in what goes on in their own country, let alone can they voice their concerns. As Americans this right along with the right to report news events keeps us well informed.

Sometimes we may not agree on what someone else believes, but we should realize that it is their right to voice their opinions.

Being able to do this makes our country strong and gives everyone a chance to understand others.

Without this freedom people could not stand up for what they believe in. Without the freedom of speech all other freedoms are lost.

Federal and state laws restrict many kinds of expression, such as libel, slander, obscenity and treason, because they are damaging to a society as a whole. Slander and libel, is when someone lies about someone to hurt his or her reputation. Treason is when someone gives military secrets to enemies of the United States. Obscenity is using impure language.

In conclusion, I feel that the freedom of speech gives us the opportunity to act as individuals and voice our own opinions as well as choose our own lifestyles, and I feel very blessed to have this right as a citizen of the United States of America.