Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech When asked about an amendment I literally sit back and ponder on what needs to be changed. Knowing that I couldn't make any decisions or that it wouldn't be up to me it still seems to matter, because it's my rights and who isn't concerned with their right now a days. I chose the first amendment, the right to speak your mind freely. This seemed as the easiest amendment but it took a lot of thought because I would not want to say the wrong thing, no pun intended. Freedom of speech, not new to anyone and yet it seems to me that we take this freedom for granted. We do not take it as a freedom but as a privilege. Many of us like to speak our minds but we need to learn how to speak them wisely. For example if a man dressed as Hitler and were to stand at the corner of a Jewish market and yell, "Hail Hitler, Kill the Jews!" We would automatically think that he was wrong in saying what he said.

He would think he was just expressing freedom of speech. Now it is no longer a privilege, but an excuse.

I believe it should be completely stricken from the Constitution. For every action there is a reaction, therefore the first amendment is no longer an amendment to many people. When the man who dressed as Hitler was asked how he pleads, he responded by saying, "not guilty." He was later released and all charges were dropped. Lets take a famous person and a tabloid. If the tabloid were to reveal something about the famous person without their consent, the tabloid would later be sued. Why? I thought we had freedom of speech, they allowed the Hitler impersonator...