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"Although Esperanza's life was difficult, there were moments of happiness"

In The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros the Esperanza said," I will go to hell and most likely I deserve to be there" When Esperanza said that; it sounded very dreadful of her to talk like that upon herself. In that topic sentence in chapter 23 "Born Bad", you could already tell that was one those of days when Esperanza's life was problematical. "My mother says I was born on a evil day and she will pray for me " is another example on how Esperanza's arduous her life is. "Because of what we did to Aunt Lope"( Rachel, Lucy)"The day we played the game, we didn't know she was going to die. "We pretended with our heads thrown back , our arms limp useless, dangling like the dead". Esperanza knew her aunt Guadalupe was sick because she said "I knew her sick from the disease that would not go" Those are just a few examples on how life is challenging for Esperanza because she has to life with what she had done to her aunt when she was hopelessly dying.

However, Esperanza did experience "moments of happiness" Esperanza said, "Hurray! Today we are Cinderella because our feet fit exactly, the same" That quote demonstrates a miniature amount of contentment that Esperanza displayed as she said, "Hurray". You could imagine the excitement in her voice. That chapter is mostly about Esperanza receiving handy me down shoes which she extremely loved for a couple of moments.