The Future Of American Politics

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The future of American politics is probably one of the most talked about subjects in the country at this time. This is not all that uncommon this being an election year. The election this year has taken a path we have never seen before. An election this close has never occurred in our nation's history. The entire nation is waiting to find out the final results of this election. Along with the identity of our new president the results of this election also hold the key to our future. The new president will push his own platform and in doing so influence the lives of everyone in this country and the future of this great nation. There are many views on what an election of this type will do to this country and the steps that it will take in the near future.

This election is something that demands a lot of attention in a paper like this.

There is one major aspect of our election process that has come under major scrutiny in these last few weeks. This thing is the Electoral College. The fact that the new president of this country may not have received the majority of votes in the election has upset many people. If George Bush does in fact win Florida and subsequently the election, as a result of receiving the necessary 270 electoral votes, he will have done so with a minority of the votes. This on some level does not seem fair and certainly doesn't appear to be the "American way". The end of the Electoral College may be in the very near future. The system that they replace it with will certainly change the outlook on the election process. This new system may encourage third party candidates to run. If the system...