Future of Political Ideology: Democracy, End of Ideology, Francis Fukuyama and David Held

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Democracy is a political system that appeared severe times in the history of mankind, starting from Ancient Athens Direct Democracy. During the course of history many political thinkers have put the system in challenges and faced reformation, such as republicanism, active democracy, representative democracy and liberal democracy. The purpose of the challenge and debate was to achieve legitimacy and ultimately make the perfect system. And now we live a democratic society that embraces the idea of liberty-that is liberal democracy. To briefly explain liberal democracy, it is a political ideology that started after French Revolution and truly set its roots after the collapse of Former Soviet Union after World War II. It is a representative democracy, where representative are elected by general public to represent certain communities in parliament. The elected representatives are able to exercise decision-making power in respect to the law of the state and the majority. It also focuses on individual's liberty, including such as freedom of speech, religion, assembly, private property and equality.

Furthermore, according to research done by Freedom House showed that 62% (120 out of 192) countries around that world embraces some form of democracy.

Although liberal democracy is a dominant political system at the present time, it was not easy for this ideology to become one. Many countries went through two horrible World Wars. Terrible and enormous as it was, Second World War killed millions of people, wasted and impoverished the world but most of all it cracked Russia. Even though liberal democracy may seem like the dominant system, questions like economic inequalities within a society, legitimacy and accountability still challenges liberal democracy and debated as we speak. However, one of the most controversial theories regarding liberal democracy was posed by Francis Fukuyama in 1989. In 1989 Fukuyama published an article called "End...