The Future of Radio

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Radio has made great advancements over the years the future of radio is going mainly in two directions. Radio has made great improvements over the years looking back to the 1920's when radio only had an AM frequency.

One direction radio is going is through satellites. In 2001 XM radio was launched and over 1 million subscribers were claimed. The satellite radio signal goes from coast to coast without commercials. But the downside to this radio is the monthly fee, and the several hundred dollars spent on the equipment to play the radio. Many stations want the signals of their radio stations to be enhanced, the idea of users to have direct access to the satellite usage.

Another direction radio is going is on the computer. Internet radio gives many people accessibility to their favorite radio station on the computer. Many radio stations created a website that included music, local event information, and billboard advertisements.

Today many stations view the internet as an alternative way for people to listen to their stations. The amount of people that listen to online radio grew more that 30 percent since 1999. Many stations look at the internet radio as a source to get their stations out across the world. All you need to gain access is a computer and a way on the internet.

There are many advancements being made to radio. As technology gets more and more advanced the networks will keep up to date no matter what they must do. The future of radio is going in two different directions satellite and internet radio. Both are extremely convenient in their own ways. Satellite has non-stop music, while with internet radio you can have a more user friendly listening experience.

The biggest contributor to the radio world I must say is Gugliemo...