Gambling in America.

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Gambling is an issue all across America in this day and age. People of all origins rush into casinos or to their local bookie just to blow their money on the chance they might get lucky and hit the jackpot. Gambling is an addiction suffered by the same amount of people throughout America as all illegal drugs combined; however, many people aren't even aware that it is going on. The truth is it is happening all around you in your everyday life. It happens in your office, school, colleges and universities, the local barber-shop, every place you could ever imagine.

Imagine a bookie walks up to you on the street and gives you odds on a Lakers versus Bulls game that night and asks if you want in. So you put down twenty dollars on the Bulls just to get him off your back. The next day you wake up and turn on ESPNews just to see that the bulls won by three.

You covered the spread so you go see the bookie, and he gives you one thousand dollars. After all that you are probably hooked. That one bet that you cashed in on big will probably end up setting you broke. One rule of thumb when thinking about gambling on sports is that the "HOUSE NEVER LOSES." Just look at the casinos in Vegas. Think to yourself, where do they get all that money? It's simple, they get it from everyday people who lose all their money to the house. Sure you might

win ten thousand dollars or some lucky Joe off the street might take home a million in one night, but that same night the casino brought in around five hundred million from all the saps out there who bought drinks, food, and all the money...