The Importance of money in America.

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Americans these days are obligated to do many things. Obey laws, pay taxes, go to school and fight for your country if drafted. However, to me one of the unspoken obligations of being an American is to make money and be successful. So, how do we make money and be successful? This choice is yours. For me and millions of others college students we have no idea how we will reach this goal. But, we still have the same thing in mind for our future. Make money!

Making money will make you happy. This may not be true; however this is the image that is displayed through the media to millions of young adults every single day. You can't find anybody portrayed as happy and poor in the media. Why is this? Americans are obligated to be rich and if you're not rich you need to do something to make you wealthy.

The media is not the only one applying this obligation. In today's society your family, friends and women place this obligation on me as well.

In my senior yearbook a cute girl was asked the question "were do you see yourself in 30 years?" Her answer, "married to a rich man living in a mansion." This quote says a lot about women and their perception of men and money. Some women are willing to marry a man for their money. Forget about true love. A lot of women feel this way and don't even realize it. For example my high school sweet heart is going to school in Boulder Colorado. We both love each other but we have chosen to have an "open relationship." She told me that she met this 28 year old business owner who planned on retiring by 35. She was thrilled...