Games today, too violent?

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Ever since its advance, there has been a popular turn towards the electricity-powered hype known as "video" - motion imaging. As technology grew more and more advanced, electronics began its introduction to the American population at an earlier age. Consequentially, as violent outbreaks and incidents amongst younger people occur, a connection is made between these violent events and the violent videos and media that children have so become fond of (1). As electronic media becomes the scapegoat for all to blame, Congress and the government simultaneously seek to find a remedy for this 'disease' of the youth and public. As the government gets closer to finding a way to stop the violence in society, it hinders the freedom of its people by censoring children, others, and the media from that which they enjoy. Not only in television and movies, but in video games, and other forms of media, has the government laid its censoring hand.

Now, the debate at hand lies in whether or not media violence in video games directly connects to societal violence, and if so, what appropriate procedures should the government take; mainly, do the positive factors outweigh the negative factors in the censorship of video game violence?

Summary of Recommended Solution

Upon reviewing all aspects, research, and ideas, the question remains: should the government further regulate the media industry, and force it to limit its portrayal of violence? I feel that the Government should focus less on blaming and censoring media violence, and direct its attention more to showing parents how to handle their kids. The effects of violence in the media are questionable; however, the effects of parenting are obvious. Likewise with all people, race, shape, or form, there are only a selected few who will actually commit a heinous act of violence.