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attaca Essay I think genetic engineering should be banned. I have made this decision by watching the movie Gattaca and reading the article on Designer Babies. In the movie they show how Invalids and Valids are separated. It shows that you can have your baby be "Perfect" before it is born. This is also un-natural because you are almost "MAKING" your own baby. Designer babies you are required to tell a doctor what you want in your baby so he can grow up to be healthy and strong.

In the movie Gattaca, people are born by genetic modification. They are called "Valids". The reason this movie made me decide that I am against genetic engineering is because they show how people are segregated. Valids are considered to be of a higher stature and are better then everyone else. Plus I feel that genetic engineering is going against nature and everything God has planned for you.

The article on "Designer Babies" has also helped in my decision. I think that the fact that you can "DESIGN" your babies is bad. First of all it is like making your own person. Customizing it the way you choose. I admit there are good things in genetic engineering babies. They will grow up with minimal chances of sickness and things, but designing them to be perfect is not good. If something goes wrong with the engineering you don't know what you have created.

As you can see based on my knowledge of genetic engineering I believe it should be banned without question. It is morally wrong and will not come out good in the end. The movie Gattaca and the article "Designer Babies" helped in my decision.