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"My Genes made me do it." In 1997, Andrew Niccol's film was realised, Gattaca. A film which examined the principals of social apathy by setting his story in the not- too- distant future. Staring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, Uma Thurman and Gore Vidai. Andrew Niccol both directing and writing Gattiaca. My overall opinion on Gattaca was that it was highly distasteful and uninteresting as it didn't keep me entertained nor interested. Gattaca is a multi-genre film, I really disliked the mix of genres in the film as they all stacked out to be rather dull and at an extreme slow pace, trying to mix fast pace in the action, really didn't work.

On the first viewing of Gattacs I felt confused and trite as I have a strong dislike for science fiction films. Before I watched the film I expected there to be more action or the whole film to be at a faster pace as I think it would go in with the plot better, this made me loose interest fast.

The setting of Gattaca was in Marin Country Civic Centre. I found this a foul setting as it was empty and felt to big and abnormal, it looked as if it had been pulled together by a Robert, failing to give an artistic fleer. "There is no gene for the human spirit." We can tell Andrew Niccol's plot is based around genetics before we watch the movie as we can see in his use of Science and eugenics used. When the main character Vincent is born, his DNA has already been analysed and his future capabilities are predicted. Vincent is determined to get into Gattaca Space academy. Through his determination and the use of someone else's DNA which he brought illegally. Vincent tries to manage...