Gay Marriage

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The Traditional Marriage

Even though there are many arguments for and against same-sex marriage, the old-fashioned definition of a traditional marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman. A mother and a father provide a healthy environment for children, giving them the warmth, stability, and strength that go together as a family unit.

Although there have been discussions for several years, the standard values of the American people do not voluntarily accept the act of same-sex marriage. Gay marriage questions the conventional meaning of the family institution. Traditionally, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as a deep expression of love. If gay couples are allowed to marry, it will break the tradition of marriage and everything it stands for. Many years ago, homosexuality was considered bad or evil. If someone was gay or lesbian, it was usually kept quiet.

The "normal" marriage was a bond between a man and a woman. No one would ever think that two men or two women could or should actually marry.

With respect to the arguments against same-sex marriage, one of the principal objections is that the primary purpose of marriage was to promote procreation in order to ensure the survival and demographic expansion of the group or community (Chamie and Mirkin 540). There are many negative views regarding same-sex marriages due to reproduction and parenthood. It seems that people believe that same-sex couples adopting a child will damage the traditional family values. It is possible that these children will be teased and ridiculed during their childhood because they are in a non-traditional family environment. Being raised by gay parents only adds to the stress and worry of peer pressure for children in today's society. Children see their parents as role...