About Gay Marriages.

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Sara Rae Fletcher

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My Topic: Same sex marriages should be legal!

Topic: Same sex marriages should be legal

General Purpose: Too persuasive

Specific Purpose: Too persuasive people that same sex marriages should be legal. I mean love is love (love is blind!)

Thesis statements: To make same sex marriages legal

Documented Speech

Two people are sitting in a crowded park. They make eye contact, exchange smiles and begin a conversation. Time passes they go on many dates, share good times and become good friends and lovers. Years have gone now they're living together and now decide that they want to get married. They set a date, mail all the invitations, pick the flower arrangements and the cake. But there is one problem they can't get married. They are not allowed to get married because in their state same sex marriages are illegal. I'm sure when you started this story you pictured a man and a woman, why wouldn't you? Everywhere you go all you see is heterosexual couples.

In all of our sitcoms and blockbuster hits all male and female relationships. Just imagine in the Titanic instead of Kate and Leo falling in love Andrew and Leo, doesn't sound so romantic now does it?

By law, you can love someone of the same sex live with them but you are not accepted as a legal couple in the United States of America. There are no justifiable reasons or causes why gay or lesbian couples cannot be lawfully wed. Do they not share the same love of a man and a woman? Two people can love each other but they can't be a husband and a wife. Gay marriages should be legalized in America because there are no fair grounds constituting its ban.

Gay right activists feel...