Arguments for and against gay marriage

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Wedding Bells Doesn't Mean Going to HellIn the land of freedom and equality who would except that injustice and discrimination occur on a daily basis?That is exactly what has been happening. Men and women across the United States have been denied their human rights. Equality under the law is a human right that is given to most Americans. Unfortunately it has not been experienced by all. Marriage is as much legal as it is spiritual. Homosexual individuals are not able to legally wed and this abolishes their right to equality under the law.

As many as three out of four individuals support gay rights this includes equal treatment and opportunity in the workplace and believe they should receive equal access to government benefits, equal protection of the law, etcetera. So why is it that more than half of the country opposes gay marriage? Although it varies from person to person it usually has to do with their religious views on traditional marriages and false gay stereotypes.

Gay marriage is seen as immoral to many people. But shouldn't our first amendment right of freedom of religion also imply to freedom from religion? Church and state are kept separate for a reason, to ensure that law does not reflect or enforce any religion. Although it may not be supported by the Catholic Church, that is not grounds to make it illegal.

People also seem to believe that legalizing same sex marriage would start us down a "slippery slope" and lead to the legalization of incest, bestiality and polygamy, this is completely ludicrous. Gay marriage has already been legalized in sixteen courtiers and nothing close to that has even been brought up or asked for. In fact the legalization of gay marriage has changed the attitudes of the majority of people in Denmark...