Gay Rights - Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay - Gay Rights

In 2008, gay marriage was legalised in the state of California for 142 days, before being voted out agin. During this time, 18,000 day and lesbian couples married. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to argue that all couples should be allowed to marry, despite their sexual preference. The first point I would like to raise is that marriages in general are extremely expensive. They give a massive boost to the economy of the areas effected. Now imagine that, say, 100,000 people who had not previously been permitted to marry in their area, married. This would be a huge boost to the economy of local businesses and churches, all benefitting the community at large.

But now I would like to go into the origins of the illegality of gay marriages. No matter what you may argue, it does all fall back to religion in some way.

It is said in the Bible that a man shall not "lay" with another man. This horribly outdated, vile view on homosexuality has somehow made it's way into modern politics, something that should have absolutely nothing to do with religion. Which is odd, considering one in every ten people in the world are gay. This means that at least 700,000,000 people on this planet are homosexual, 700,000,000 people who are ridiculed for loving who they love, 700,000,000 people who cannot marry simply because people who have nothing to do with them say so? Seems rather oppressive to me.

Speaking of oppression, it seems silly now to be racist, or sexist, but there were times that people of a different gender or race had no rights. They were treated as nothing more than dirt. But they fought for their rights, and they won. And now, they are viewed, by...