To Gender or not to Gender?

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Gender identity is what our society uses to characterize and contrast the two sexes. Starting from the beginning of time, the female has been seen as the weaker of the two sexes regardless of race. "Of course, women differ with regard to race, class, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and so on. But these differences have been seen as less basic than the shared similarity of sex and gender" (Wesselius). In ancient Greece, females were not allowed to watch nor participate in the Olympic games by penalty of death. To date, there are many jobs in our society that are not held by women because of the history of stereotypical gender qualities making women seem inferior.

A show on HBO called "Sex and the City" demonstrates examples of stereotypical femininity. Examples of stereotypical femininity include being domestic, childlike, over emotional and unpredictable. This show allows the viewer to explore the inside mind of women and what they think.

This show is also an example of the importance of gender roles and how these roles collide with each other to form relationships. Finding the one person that match's with you can be a long process of trial and error. One has to try out relationships, if you will, to figure out through self-discovery what one will match with. There are many disadvantages that traveling though this dating game will generate. However, the outcome that will be created will be much more beneficial to the completed couple than the process to get to that point. "Sex and the City" is an excellent example that confirms, yet also denies the stereotypical feminine gender role.

By letting the viewer into the minds of these four women, "Sex and the City" creates notions of gender identity. An example of this...