Generation Y

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Throughout time, the United States has gone through a variety of generations. The history of generations from the twentieth century on till today, according to professor Embree, starts from 1900. The first generation until 1945, called the traditional generation, raised ninety five million people. The following generation, the baby boom, followed World War II raising eighty million until 1964 when the birth control pill was developed. Generation X lasted until 1980, growing forty six million people. The following generation, generation Y, utilized the new innovations such as the internet. This generation lasted until the tragedy of 2001. Today's generation, post to September eleventh two thousand one has yet to be determined. Generation Y has traits of the pervious generations with new innovations and technology.

During the traditional generation, children where brought up upon the hopes to retire. Traditionalist's worked hard and saved to enjoy themselves at a later date. These teachings have been brought upon generations, however, as each generation progressed, the traditional, hard working, saving values lessen.

Each generation has become more involved in the joyous side of life during the youthful years of life. Generation Y still has some of the traditional mindset, however for most, spending has been the obligation since the generation of baby boomers. Those in Generation Y who learned to save money for long term use, don't have problems in their money spending abuse and probably will succeed in retiring. The problem of Generation Y is the petty short term wanting.

Those from the traditional generation returned from the war, got married and raised children. These children grew up on a social atmosphere with a growing population. This population has become the new generation, baby boomers. The more baby boomers wanted, the more companies came out to give it. Upon the business world, more...