How Does Restorative Justice Work Within Nacro?

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What role does restorative justice have within Nacro?
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What role does restorative justice, have within Nacro?
The community project I am involved with focuses on children and young people who are at risk of, or have already been involved with the Criminal Justice System. By way of referral, they are signposted to a Y.I.P (Youth Inclusion Project), where my role can be a variation of many interventional aspects of crime prevention. Restorative Justice is one of the intervention programmes suggested to young people in order to prevent them from entering the Criminal Justice System. The big debate will be discussed surrounding restorative justice in the UK, and the difficulty to capture the information needed to prove its success, so because of this fact funding has always been a significant issue. This will be expanded on in detail later, along with the presentation of the restorative justice delivery within Lancashire and my role within the community, as one of the multi-organisations that are available in order to prevent crime, anti-social behaviour and the risk of offending amongst young people.
The introduction will define who NACRO (National Association of the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders) are within the third sector of the youth justice system, with an explanation of their aims and principles in the delivery of these services. My involvement with Nacro began as a volunteer through one of their Youth Inclusion Projects (Y.I.P), after six months this became paid employment much to my surprise. Whilst my interest in Restorative Justice explains where this lies within national and local policy, and the effectiveness of such programmes, my understanding of it suggests that this may not comparatively work in every part of the country.

In support of Nacro,