How To Plan A Party

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How To Plan a Party I will usually have a party for a holiday or celebration. Sometimes a party will occur if nothing exhilarating has been happening. There are important steps to take when planning a party. Questions should to be asked, fliers need to be made, fliers require printing, cautions are to be taken, and the party needs activities.

If I want to plan a party, the first thing I do is interrogate my parents, I ask them if I am allowed and if they are going to be home. I also ask them how many people are allowed to attend and how long they would be able to stay. Before I decide on the date of the party, I ask people what they are doing on the days that I am allowed to have one.

Once I am given permission and have found a date that most people are free, I make the fliers.

I answer the questions: Where will the party be held, what is the date of the party, what time will party occur, and what should I bring? I also mention to bring soda or chips. They can bring two dollars if they want pizza, and depending on how much money there is relies on if I order one. In the flier, I will include my phone number so people are able to reach me if they need directions or if they need to talk to my parents.

When the flier is complete, I will print it. I cannot use a lot of ink because my father will get angry. I have to find a date where he is not occupied. He will take me to the gas station to make copies. I usually print out a couple extra, in case I forgot someone or...