Generic Benchmarking: Gene One

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Generic Benchmarking: Gene One

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Gene One Benchmarking

This paper will provide a benchmarking study to identify potential solutions for the Gene One scenario. This paper will also provide an analysis of ten companies researched by each team member to identify the key course concepts. The ten companies fall into the categories of retail stores, computers, telecommunications, search engines web sites, and energy. The researched companies will compare and contrast the practices of each that relates to the course concepts. Through the concepts the paper will explain leadership styles on individuals, strategies for managing the group process, conflict management methods to enhance group and team performance, and roles and interactions of group and team members.

Leadership Styles on Individual Performance

Leadership is a process which, a person influences motivates and enables others to contribute toward the effectiveness, and success of the organization of which he or she are members.

Leaders use influences to motivate the performance of the group and individuals participants through one's actions. Leaders carry out this process in the organizational culture by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, and assumptions.

Leaders can affect the performance, satisfaction, and motivation of a group by offering rewards for achieving performance goals, clarifying paths toward these goals and removing obstacles to performance. Effective leaders have emotional intelligence, integrity, drive, leadership motivation, self- confidence, above- average intelligence, and knowledge of the business. Leaders renovate organizations through vision, communication, and the ability to build a commitment.

Strategies for Managing the Group Process

The first step in a successful team is selecting the right people with the right skills, making sure the members have diverse perspectives and the required knowledge to do the project, and...