Genetic modification on food

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Genetically modified foods are foods that have been enhanced with genes from other organisms. Scientists have started research in this field because it offers many benefits that help society. Genetically modified crops are more durable and can grow in harsher climates than their natural versions, they produce a much higher yield, are resistant to weed and insects, and have many more great benefits. Genetic modified foods are the future of farming and a brilliant scientific discovery. Genetically modified foods are beneficial to society because they are tougher than normal foods, are more nutritious, and can help cure world hunger.

To begin, crops that have been genetically modified are much tougher than normal crops. They can grow in harsher environments than usual, are able to grow in bad soil, and are more resistant to weeds and insects. While eating genetically modified foods you eliminate the risk of getting sick from pesticides or herbicides and who wants that? Since they are so much more resistant to weeds and insects, farmers do not have to use pesticides and herbicides on them making them much healthier to people (Benefits of GM food). Pesticides and herbicides can be harmful to people and there are still traces of them on crops when they are in stores. With genetically modifies crops there will be no pesticides or herbicides on them which eliminates the risk of people getting sick because of them. The only counter argument to this point is that modern pesticides are a very low danger risk to human when consumed and the use of pesticides being a bad thing is being over-exaggerated (Savage). With genetically modified crops, people will be able to have all kinds of fruits and vegetables all over the world regardless of what season it is because of how much tougher...