Genetically Modified Food

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A global issue that has entered the mainstream media in alot of countries is GM (genetically modified) of food. A lot of food that we eat today contains genetically modified ingredients and usually without even noticing ourself. This all turns down because of pesticide, added impurities used to kill pests, diseases, especially insects which are on the land or property. The goal of the farmer's is to resist the diseases, pests, herbicides and etc; But in other words, it refers to as producing more with the same amount of land. Basically, a genetically modified food is a food product developed in whole or part from a genetically modified organism such as crop plant, animal or microbe such as yeast. The areas which could most be harmed by introducing GM were health, environment, people and agricultural business. The effects of pesticides on the food are one thing, benefits and controversies is another sub issue on GM and the safety issue and etc is another area to know also.

Firstly, the effect on the "modifications" in the food can be poisonous to human life, but not always usually. Pesticides can do harmful things for the humans. These can end up in many categories. Such as low birth weight defects, interfere with child development and knowledge abilities. It can also take you into major disorders of mind and body, disrupt hormone function and cause many cancers, such as kidney, brain cancer and leukemia. Who suffers the effects from pesticides, adults or childrens? Well, unfortunately the childrens do. It's because of bodily systems, the childrens bodily system are still developing. And also, they are the one who is suffered from the effects. When it comes to birds and insects, even they are having the share of bad effects. "Buying organic--- or atleast limiting purchases...