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George Orwell Books and History During the beginning of the 1900's the world was very different than it is now. Practically the whole world was involved in World War II. What really led George Orwell to write these political and social satires. What effect did George Orwell have on the early 1900's, and what if any is the effect they have on the world today? "George Orwell was born Eric Blair in India to a doting mother and a weak passive father who worked for the opium department of the British colonial government."("The Heretic" pg 58). This is a good description of Orwell's childhood. It is important to note that George Orwell is not even his real name. As Orwell grew older he decide to move out on his own. "Orwell went to Paris in 1928, living in a working-class area there and working as among other things, a dishwasher."("George

Orwell Socialist Anarchist or what"). Orwell's time in Paris was not pleasant he spent his days working to earn enough money to survive and he spent most of his night writing by candlelight. Many times he even had to thaw his numb hands by the candle fire in order to keep writing.

One of the things that he discovered was that many of the people at the bottom of society are as normal as people at the top. "Orwell tells that his life among tramps and beggars has taught him that they are actually ordinary people. This made him wonder about society's attitude towards them."("George Orwell"). His experiences in Paris and England led to his first book titled Down and Out in Paris and London. In fear that his book might embarrass his family he adopted the pen name George Orwell after the Orwell river in Suffolk.

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