George washington and the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was considered unwinnable to many, but proved to be a crucial fight that aided in the creation of the United States. Numerous courageous war figures emerged during this War for Independence. Although many people were responsible for the war's success, one man stands out from the rest , and he emerged to become one of America's best known heroes- -George Washington. His drive and determination to prevail were primary factors for victory in the War of Independence and his presence was absolutely indispensible toward winning the revolution for America.

The thirteen colonies were divided into three region districts, Massachuttess, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, which made up the region known as New England. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware make up the region known as the middle colonies. The south was made up of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia (Brenner 7). Trouble began for the new colonies when King George III created various taxes to aide the mother country.

He felt the colonies should be taxed to pay British war debts. Many colonists resented paying taxes to the mother country 3,000 miles away, without any representation( Brenner 12).

The Stamp Act, Sugar Act, the enforcement of the Navigation Act, and the Townshend Acts were major points of conflict. Americans saw these acts and restrictions as great injustices. The focal point of resistance was against the Stamp Act. The opposition was located in Boston, Massachuttes. Thus, Boston became the center for a group of rebelling young men who called themselves the Sons of Liberty. They did their best to provoke the citizens to protest( Kent 21). On December 16, 1773, a group of men disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians boarded the ships carrying tea in the harbor. The men dumped approximately 15,000 pounds...