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George Washington

Our story begins in February 22nd, 1732. On that day, a boy was born in Virginia. That boy would grow up to be the leader of the armies of the revolution, would be elected the first President of the United States, and before he died would be known and honored all over the world. His name was George Washington.

George Washington was one of the six children born to Augustine and Mary Washington. His father died when he was 11 years old leaving George to the care of his mother, who would become the guiding influence throughout his life.

Although formal education was limited in Virginia, George attended a school house. There he learned how to read, write and later studied Geography, History and other subjects.

When he was 14, George received his mother's permission to pursue his career as a soldier. After leaving school, George went to live with his half brother, Lawrence, who at the time was inheriting the land the father left to him, but Lawrence died a couple of years later leaving everything to George Washington.

Years followed and George became the military commander and later the President of United States of America.

The social, political, and economical forces shaped Washington's views and actions. His mother had a great influence on him since he grew up with her and she advised him for everything. He fact that he was a military commander made George reflect more and therefore take better decisions. Also, having such an economic status helped him achieve some things he would not have achieved without it [economic status].

"Washington had spent his young manhood fighting with the British to expel the French from North America. With the victory in the American Revolution, the English had then been expelled." Washington...