"Gestures" It' is about studying body gestures made from a professor in college.

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My business professor has many different facial and hand expressions. As I sit and write these down, I realize there are more than I noticed at first.

However, the one that sticks out in my mind is: When a student falls asleep in class, my professor will stand there and keep talking. While, he is lecturing he'll look at this student and back at us. The look he gives us says to me, "I can not believe he's sleeping in my class." But he has never made an effort to wake this student up. Meanwhile, he's always holding a cup of coffee and his other hand is in his pocket, looking as if he is deep in thought. When a student is on the right track of answering a question he'll bring his hand and arm forward as if saying "go on". When something is said that may not be understood he'll lift one eyebrow up, or maybe something is hard to believe, he'll then arch one eyebrow and the right side of his lip.

Most of these gestures are probably interpreted similarly by the other students, like the deep in thought look, the hand gestures encouragement, and I can't believe he is sleeping look.

On the other hand, the "I do not understand look might not be per trade as what I am seeing it as". Some people could very easily mistake that look to be one that is saying "you're crazy". The look he gives when something us unbelievable can make anyone and everyone want to defend that what they are saying is true.

When someone is sleeping and never sees these gestures or hears the lecture then it can affect their grade. Even if they were to tape the class, and pass with straight A's. The...