How to get a “Girl Friend”

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There are a number of steps to getting a girl friend. However, before you read these steps, you have to remember that it is not the absolute and perfectly guaranteed way to get a girl friend. Occasionally, it does not work for person who has real negative mind. Therefore, most important thing that you got to remember is have a positive mind, show your effort to achieve your goal, and always be confidence.

There are about 5 suggestions that I can give you. They could be true or not, so please read carefully, meanwhile, think about what is your position.

1. Women like special men: ·Special characters and personalities such as mysterious, solitary feelings.

·Sometimes looks old-fashioned, sometimes looks modernized style.

·Girls feel comfort when they are with a man who has unique wit and a comical personality.

As you see, these are some examples of a special man. You might have lots of confidence about your appearance.

However, be careful “PRIDE BOYS!� The most important thing is not appearance. It is your personality, according to a survey from “seventeen� magazine (2002,06,4). Therefore, you always need to ready to be that special man.

2. You need to be fluent speaker and good listener.

Did you know that women don’t like men who don’t really speak up and listen well? If you are meeting some girl but the situation seems like she does not really interested at you, it means you are already failing that meeting because of your way of speaking and listening. Key point of this step is ready to speak unique humor, try to find out where she interested and pay attention to listen carefully while she speak.

3. Do not be a “TOO MUCH PRIDE� man.

Even though, you never mentioned something to brag you up, people already know about that from other people or somehow. Therefore, only thing you got to remember is do not appeal too much about your self. Girls hate when men say, “ I’m the best� 4. Be a gentle man.

Are you gentle man? Ask your self, and answer if you are or not. The reason why I’m asking you is girl likes man who has gentle manner. Manner is almost important as much as your personality. Actually, we can say manner is also one kind of showing your personality. If you are gentle and kind, you already have been moved one more step to get a girl friend.

5. Find out what she likes and trying to be same as her.

If you have totally different interest, then try to find what are her favorite interest, hobby, music, and food. Making similarity would have might bring up good effect to be close with her. If she has some particular way to express her feeling or saying, you should follow that sometime. It will make her smile. It is pretty much hard to make someone smile. Make sure you do make her smile.

There are more steps, but these are most basic steps that I can recommend you. As I mentioned before, getting girl friend is basically depends on your effort and confidence. If you are just sitting in your room and just complain about why you don’t have girl friend, then I feel pity for you. Don’t think it’s too late. There are many girls in the world and you still have many chance. Think positively!