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In today's society, with affirmative action full out in most industries and businesses,

and the equal rights movement having made great progress; there is finally a snag in the

nylons of woman activists. The question of whether women should have to serve in

combat is upon us. And I am all to happy to give my whole hearted no.

If you have kept up with the news in recent years, women have been fighting their

way into the top military academies, the Citadel being the most recent case. These woman

have claimed being just as tough as men, which is scientifically incorrect, but hey it's a

defense. They have, through grueling court battles, made their way into the elite schools

of our great military, where our best men have been serving us for generations.

While claiming to be every bit as good as the men, they have for a most part failed once

they got in.

Ms. Faulkner won her legal battle to enter the Citadel, breaking a 152 year

tradition of training men only. On August 14, 1995, during her first day of military

training, she collapsed from heat exhaustion. Within days, she abruptly withdrew from the

college, forced to admit that she could not withstand the rigors of 'hell week.' Ms.

Faulkner, fighting back tears, explained that two and a half years of stress had 'all crashed

in' on her in the first days there. After not quite making the cut, and surviving the stress

and trials of these places, they say that it is because the men were too hard on them. 'Too

hard' is not a valid sentence in the military, you are either tough enough or you fail.

I am not a sexist, don't get me wrong. I know many woman who are...