The Giver: How The Society Came To Be

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The Time Before the Fake Utopian Society It was the year 2010, there was a mammoth earthquake because the Arabs tried to launch some warheads under ground to hit America. There plan did not work, and all the land except California sank in to the water. The people who survived the earthquake in California were all in pain, and one person spoke out to the few hundred that were there. "Are you tired of pain, do u want a utopian society free of hate violence and pain. We can make our own society and learn from the mistakes of the past." That persons name was Jonas. Jonas got smothered with nuclear waste and had special powers. He switched it that there should be no color and no fun but no pain. The people were very livid, so they made a plan to kill him before he changes anything else.

Then a cat walks by and smothers himself in the nuclear waste from the truck and turns into a human. He said, " my name is rain, I will kill Jonas for you but I make the rules" "agreed" said the people. When rain was known as Pharaoh he made a day called Tracy Masonis day to commemorate the Queen of words. When Rain was about to change everything He Became a mouse. From that day on know one touched the nuclear waste again. So the people appointed 10 people to govern the community. After 1 week a man came from the ocean, he was not affected by Jonas. He taught one child about being normally human and the memories went down to 1 person each generation.

The End