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The mother's expectations "The Glass Menagerie," a play by Tennessee Williams, gives us a quick picture into the lives of three completely different humans beings. The mother Amanda Wingfield, is a women who is completely in love with her two children. her love although sometimes comes across in a very mean and dominant manner "unwittingly cruel at times" (1898), but she is always present for her children. Laura, her oldest out of two children, is handicapped not only by her "defect" (1898), but by a big case of being shy. Amanda's youngest Tom a poet and a adventurer, is forced into the role of being the man of the house. Tom does not like this role at all. William's in this story shows us how this particular family with an overbearing mother that has particular goals for her children and it happens regardless of her efforts, the children do not grow up and be what she wishes.

The children do end up either trapped inside themselves or forced out by the mothers high expectations.

Williams shows us how Amanda who's love that can be overwhelming also has particular goals set for children. Her former husband had left her with a always present "larger than life photograph" (1900) of himself. He also left behind Laura and Tom for her to raise. he left so he could go and "skip the light fantastic" (1900). Amanda knows all of what is going on with her children. She watches her children very closely with every eye movement. There are many times McKendry 2 when it appears that she lives vicarious into her children's lives, making their every move and decision hers too. In doing this all of her children's accomplishments and failures become hers as well. Amanda is also very confused by...