Global Business Plan for MGT 448 Euro Communications

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. Executive Summary

II. Company Overview

A. Mission Statement of Euro Communications

B. Define who we are

C. Purpose of our product

III. SWOT Analysis

A. Strengths

B. Opportunities

C. Weaknesses

D. Threats

IV. Market Selection Criteria

A. Why will consumers in Germany desire this product?

B. Germany's Economic Factors

C. Social/Cultural Issues

D. Financial Considerations

V. Regional and Country Analysis

A. Historical Perspective

B. Economic Alliances

C. Drivers of Globalization

D. Economic Development Stage

E. Role in Economy

VI. Country Risk Analysis

A. Basis Need Analysis

B. Economic and Financial Forces

C. Political and Legal Forces

D. Social Cultural Forces

E. Competitive Forces

VII. Strategy Implementation

A. Description of HR Plan

B. Cultural Awareness

C. Impact of Country Risk on Business Operations

D. Impact of Employee Productivity

VIII. Financial Plan

A. Financial Strategy

B. Financial Analysis

C. Resources and Organizations Used

IV. Marketing Plan

A. Product Description

B. Promotional Programs

C. Product Distribution

D. Product Pricing

E. Market-Demand Forecasts

X. Conclusion/Recommendations


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