Global Considerations

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IntroductionSuccessfully integrating our oxygen products into a foreign market requires extensive country risk analysis to prevent the possibility of multiple errors, which could lead up to significant legal repercussions. Our team paper reflects the some of the considerations taken into account by O2 Inc. for cultural and employee personnel concerns, establishing a successful supply chain strategy, securing and managing our information technology structure, maximizing our research and development projects, and ensuring identification of ethics and legal factors before entering the foreign country of Canada to market our oxygen products. Global analysis is critical to prevent potential failure of global product introduction and to ensure O2 Inc. continuous strategic company growth.

Human Resources Management (HRM) and Cultural FactorsCanada is a country of two nations, French Canada, and English Canada (Culture of Canada, 2007). "The British, French, and the Aborigines have primarily influenced Canadian culture over the years, though the British emerged as the dominant political and cultural force of the country" (Culture of Canada, 2007).

American influence though has been making its way into the Canadian culture via broadcast media, gradually working our way past the anti-Americanism established since 1759 when the British settled there (Culture of Canada, 2007).

Canada's primarily largest economic area of growth since the 1970's is in the service industry, with substantial increases in the financial, research and tourist areas (Culture of Canada, 2007). Canada today is mostly an importer of manufactured goods, and is primarily a provider of resources in labor or material, which tends to put Canada in a trade deficit with their global partners (Culture of Canada, 2007).

(Culture of Canada, 2007)While O2 Inc. will not be setting up operational facilities within the country of Canada at this time, human resource management...